The 6th Extinction

Silent, the human beings walk across the wilderness of the world.
Even the children do not cry.
The animals have run
And someone dreamt of an enemy.
Silent, the human beings leave the broken cities
The burned air. They do not look back.

After the story of their flags
And their endless desires,
Someone saw a shattered mirror
And dreamt they were all sleeping. 

There was nothing left. Nothing but their sleep.

So they woke up. They had to.
It was the only place left to go.

They saw themselves.
And then they saw themselves behind the mirror
And they saw the Moon behind the moon.
Someone cried. Someone laughed.

Then, across the wilderness they looked both ways
And both ways went on into the Endless.
Someone dreamt there was no beginning
And that there is no end.

But there is a seascape in the distance.
Someone dreamt of a sunrise, and Rice Ships.
Then, in the Silence they made a circle.
A clean mirror was placed at the center
Where they watched their dreams pass thru
And fade into the light of their own reflection
Like clouds into the deep sky.

And the Earth held them in her belly and fed them.
And the Sun warmed the ice from their hearts
And they melted into the Silence
As they walked across the wilderness of the world.

When the end was near, silent, the human beings walked on thru it.